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Rental Application

The undersigned hereby makes application to rent housing accommodations designated as Property # located at , for the monthly rental amount of $ for the period commencing and ending on, and posts a Holding Deposit in the amount of $ to hold the Property. Upon approval of this application by landlord, applicant agrees to sign a Lease or Rental Agreement. In the event the applicant fails to sign a Lease or Rental Agreement after the application is approved, the Holding Deposit will be forteited. In the event this application is not approved, the Holding Deposit will be refunded, less the costs of obtaining credit report

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Current Residence

Previous Residence

Current Employer

I warrant that the informaton supplied herein is true and correct and that I am at least 18 years of age. I have been informed that the the owner is a member of Screening One of Torrance CA and may check my credit with Screening One to evaluate my qualification as a potential tenant. Owner is allowed by contract with Screening One to report any delinquency or eviction proceedings with Screening One. Owner warrants that any verification are for the purpose of entering into a Rental Agreement or Lease, and futher warrants that any information derived from credit reports or other sources will be kept confidential and not revealed to any outside party. I authorize owner to contract above references to evaluate my qualification as a tenant.

NOTE: Incomplete application WILL be rejected.

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